【Upcoming Seminar Schedule】

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of TECC.

We are pleased to announce that our April Global Seminar will be held on the following dates.



【How TECC may help you !!】TECC Use & Utilization Seminar

How to utilize TECC for your starting up a business or solving any employment issue. Let’s enjoy learning employment rules in Japan with quizzes



➀April, 12th. 2022 (Tue)  12:00~13:00

②April, 19th, 2022 (Tue)  16:00~17:00



Satoshi Nagaura

TECC Consultant,

Labor and social security attorney


We plan to begin accepting applications in late March or early April.

We will inform you when we start accepting applications.

We would appreciate it if you could keep your schedule open if you are interested.


Beginning in May, we will offer lunchtime and evening seminars twice a month.


In the evening seminars, we will invite outside speakers such as tax accountants, small and medium business consultants, administrative scriveners, and company presidents to present seminars in collaboration with the center’s consultants.


Thank you for your continued support.